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  • Digital Media Shredder  101)   Digital Media Shredder 2011
    Digital Media Shredder helps you to shred sensitive information and also to comply with company policies and your local legislation for information security.

  • Delete Google History  103)   Delete Google History 3.0
    Delete Google History is a software that cleans up your computer by removing all your history activities and unusable files. By doing that, you free valuable disk space, you make your computer perform and run faster.

  • Wipe Expert  104)   Wipe Expert 1.70
    Erase all traces of Internet & system activity using advanced algorithms. Only simple file erase is not secure. Even if you overwrite files anyone can recover them using special hardware & software technology. Use Wipe Expert to delete files forever.

  • ID Process Manager  105)   ID Process Manager 1.2
    ID Process Manger is a performance managing program, setting your personal preferences as significant operating rules.

  • The Computer Security Tool  106)   The Computer Security Tool 4
    Unlock the secrets of Strong Computer Security. Windows installations are NOT secure. Hackers exploit security holes to gain unauthorized access. Lock down your system with the Computer Security Tool.

  • Speed Dial  107)   Speed Dial 10.12.01
    If you hate looking up and dialing phone numbers, you need Speed Dial! Speed Dial makes dialing a freind, relitive, business person, or acquaintances a breeze. Speed Dial makes dialing the phone easy and is a try before you buy program.

  • File Shredder Pro  108)   File Shredder Pro 1.01.0021
    Many of us mistakenly think that when we delete files that contain sensitive and private information that they are gone for good. The data often resides on your computer for years to come. With File Shredder Pro your shredded data is gone forever.

  • Process Master  109)   Process Master 1.0
    Process Master is an advanced utility for hidden processes detection and killing. These processes usually are the results of the virus, spyware and rootkits activity. And you will not be able to see them using Windows Task Manager.

  • TurboCrypt  110)   TurboCrypt 7.1
    TurboCrypt is the Best encryption software of its kind. Easy to use, TurboCrypt provides uncompromising security. Keep sensitive files safe in the event that your laptop is lost or stolen. Keep files encrypted and hidden on your home computer.

  • Kool Firewall  111)   Kool Firewall 2.43.115
    Kool Firewall is a simple firewall for windows designed to monitor the traffic into and out of your system. Kool Firewall has built-in algorithms to detect malacious or unauthorized access to your computer.

  • File and folder hider  112)   File and folder hider 1.0
    Have you ever wished there was some way you could protect your files & folders and private information from the curious eyes of "others" who use your computer? With Jvw file and folder hider you can BLOCK & HIDE any file or folder.

  • Dekart Logon for Lotus Notes  113)   Dekart Logon for Lotus Notes 1.02
    Protect access to Lotus Notes with smart cards, USB disks and biometrics. Dekart Logon for Lotus Notes performs high level user authentication, ensuring that only authorized users can access Lotus Notes data and resources.

  • Complete File Renamer  114)   Complete File Renamer 4.0
    Complete File Renamer is a multiple file renaming tool. It makes it easy to keep movie, music, image and other file's names consistent and organized. It comes with lots of renaming options, mp3 support, preview, a user friendly graphical interface.

  • Safer Workstation  115)   Safer Workstation 1.0.1
    Safer Workstation will turn your removable media device (iPod or thumb drive, for example) into a "key" for your login. Eject the drive from your system, and Safer Workstation will automatically log out the current user.

  • Fast Shutdown  116)   Fast Shutdown 2011
    Fast Shutdown is a free utility that can shut down or reboot your PC almost instantly, allowing you to use your time to do better things than watch the Windows shutdown screen.

  • Personal Passworder  117)   Personal Passworder 3.8
    Personal Passworder keeps more than just passwords! This award-winning password manager will keep your passwords, serial numbers, credit card numbers and other information safely and securely. You will never forget your passwords again!

  • Password Generator Software  118)   Password Generator Software 2.3
    Password Generator is a software program designed to generate passwords of any length, which are very difficult to crack due to a random combination of lower, upper-case letters and numbers. Password Generator is very easy-to-use.

  • Intensive Care Utilities  119)   Intensive Care Utilities 4.20.040827
    Intensive Care Utilities is a powerful toolkit for server and domain disaster recovery and back-up that also serves as a rapid cross-platform migration tool .

  • AceErase File Shredder History Eraser  120)   AceErase File Shredder History Eraser 2.0
    A File Shredder and History Eraser with Drag & Drop ease! Powerful file shredding algorithms meet and exceed DOD standards plus a PC and Internet History Eraser provide identity theft and privacy protection to keep you safe online and off.

  • Folder Security 2.6  121)   Folder Security 2.6 2.6
    Folder Security is a software program designed to password-protect folders. It lets you prevent people from viewing, printing, or altering your confidential documents. Folders remain protected should your PC be rebooted into Windows Safe Mode or DOS.

  • Program Sentry  122)   Program Sentry 1.0.0
    Provides access control and usage management. Allows you to either create a list of blocked programs or a list of allowed programs. Individual programs can be password protected.

  • Software License Manager  123)   Software License Manager 1.0
    A safe and secure way to store important information about your applications. Information such as serial numbers, software information, vendor information, license information, billing information and much more...

  • Delete Computer History  124)   Delete Computer History 1.2.0
    Delete Computer History is designed to protect you by cleaning up all the unwanted history data on your computer. With simply one click, Delete Computer History allows you to erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs, autocomplete memory.

  • Clear History  125)   Clear History 2.1
    Clear History Free Version is an innovative solution for your online privacy issues. This program is equipped with features such as cleaning the secret index.dat file, typed URLs, cookies, cache, and most recently used data.

  • StopDragon Pop-Up Blocker  126)   StopDragon Pop-Up Blocker 1.0
    Highly affordable and highly effective pop-up blocking software for internet explorer! StopDragon Pop-up blocker's advanced software monitors all open IE windows for popups.

  • Key Logger Spy  128)   Key Logger Spy
    Utility to secretly log/spy user activities. If you want to know what your employee, spouse, child, etc.

  • LE Security Manager  129)   LE Security Manager 3.0
    Ultimate Protection Management of Personal Documents or Information! Lockend means - The End of Security Problems!. It is new conceptual management software for protection of documents or information.

  • Wipe  130)   Wipe 2012.0
    Easy and powerful tool to clear user browsing history, clean index.dat files, remove cookies, cache, logs, delete temporary internet files, autocomplete search history and any other tracks that user leaves after using PC. Prevent data recovery.

  • Clear Internet History  131)   Clear Internet History 3.0
    Clear Internet History is a software that cleans up your computer by removing all your history activities and unusable files. By doing that, you free valuable disk space, you make your computer perform and run faster.

  • Privacy Fence  132)   Privacy Fence 3.5
    Privacy Fence is Internet Eraser, it completely erases all your tracks on a computer with security algorithm approved by DoD and NSA, therefore your privacy is fully protected.

  • WTF  133)   WTF 1.0
    WTF (What's This File) is a simple method of checking what's running on your machine researching any Task found, and then ending the Task if required. Best of all, unlike many tools in it's class, you don't need to study a large manual to use it.

  • RecentCleaner  134)   RecentCleaner 1.2
    RecentCleaner is a personal privacy tool designed to clear recent files lists of various programs. It supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Front Page, Windows Recent, WinZip, WinRar.

  • Clean Computer Files  135)   Clean Computer Files 1.2
    Clean Computer Files for Windows cleans your cache, cookies, history, and ALL other Internet surfing tracks.

  • Google History  136)   Google History 1.2
    Google History for Windows cleans your cache, cookies, history, and ALL other Internet surfing tracks.

  • Clear Google Search History  137)   Clear Google Search History 1.2.0
    Clear Google Search History is designed to protect you by cleaning up all the unwanted history data on your computer. With simply one click, Clear Google Search History allows you to erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs, autocomplete memory.

  • UTFCast Professional  138)   UTFCast Professional
    UTFCast Professional is a tool for Windows that lets you batch convert all text files to Unicode. It can convert a directory full of text files and keep the whole directory structure intact.

  • HideAll  139)   HideAll 2.04
    HideAll hides all your open windows at the press of a hotkey to help you surf/work privately you can restore them when you wish! It can also clear all your personal history lists (like history pages)!HideAll is a quality software at really low price!

  • File Shredder  140)   File Shredder
    Remo File Shredder is a powerful application, which erases confidential files and folders beyond recovery.

  • FTP Commander Password Recovery  141)   FTP Commander Password Recovery
    FTP Commander Password Recovery is a utility that extracts FTP account password information for all versions of FTP Commander FREE, FTP Commander Pro, FTP Commander Deluxe and the good old FTP Navigator (old name for FTP Commander).

  • Pidgin Password Recovery  142)   Pidgin Password Recovery 1.0.1
    idgin Password Recovery is a software that can find all the accounts on Pidgin in your computer, extract passwords and show.

  • LAlarm  143)   LAlarm 1.1
    A laptop alarm software that protects laptop and data. This software emits siren sound when a thief tries to steal a laptop. The software detects damages or errors in a hard disk drive and alerts. Also alarm in case the battery power is low.

  • Clear My History  144)   Clear My History 1.0.3266.21655
    Wipe your web surfing and computer use activity permanently! Many programs and web browsers log data of which programs you run, which videos you watch, and which websites you visit.

  • Endpoint Security Console  145)   Endpoint Security Console 2.0
    Privacyware’s Endpoint Security Console (ESC) enables system administrators to install, monitor, and configure Privacyware endpoint defense applications (i.e. Privatefirewall) on any Windows workstation, laptop or host within a server domain.

  • Clear Google Search  146)   Clear Google Search 1.2
    Clear Google Search for Windows cleans your cache, cookies, history, and ALL other Internet surfing tracks.

  • Privacy Protection utility  147)   Privacy Protection utility 6.2
    Keep your PC safe. Protect your privacy and your personal information. Clean up all the unwanted history data on your computer.

  • USB CopyNotify!  148)   USB CopyNotify! 1.2
    USB CopyNotify! is a software utility that notifies you when a USB Stick is being used on any of the PCs on the network. This security utility alerts you and hence prevents the unauthorized copying of your confidential data on USB sticks/drives.

  • MessenPass  149)   MessenPass 1
    MessenPass is the best software allowing users to find all passwords of MSN, Hotmail or Outlook by simply breaking and decrypting the passwords account.

  • Internet Files Delete  150)   Internet Files Delete 2.1.0
    Internet Files Delete is a privacy and clean-up utility that eliminates all these tracks from your computer. Cleaning up the history of your activities requires tedious hours of manually removing each history file or entry.

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